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The abundant city of Eudaimonia...a city on an island in the sky and inhabited by a race of beings known for their antiquities, legacies, and cultures: Gryphonese. The world below, Kahn-Mar, is inhabited by humans, and is strictly off-limits to those without proper authority.

The story of "The Rising" is as scantly summarized: Feeling that the humans had destroyed all that was once sacred to them, the city gathered their twentiest strongest sorcerers and cast a spell that lifted the city of Eudaimonia and part of the island on which is resided into the sky, away from human corruption and blight. Some people, however, wished for there to still be a Gateway that lead to Kahn-Mar in case someone should ever want to leave the city, so a Diamond Gate was created, and a Gate Guardian was to stay below on Kahn-Mar and protect it from intruders. And thus the city has remained, floating on a pillar of invisible magic, for the past two centuries.

The Gryphonese habitation continued through those years, their society growing and enduring, but internal hardships persisted, perhaps worsened, after The Rising. The need for guardians was still required, as it soon became known that the darkest vexations of Eudaimonia where none other than within the city itself.

To protect the royal lineage from destruction, the Emperor ordered a new alligience of warriors and mages to form: The Wings Division. The Emperor selected eleven families, each family specializing in a different area of combat (swordsmanship, heavy weapons, calvary, archery, druids, arcanists, pikemen, empyreans, mechanics, scouts, and emissaries) to comprise a servitude most loyal to the mission of guarding the Emperor and his family for generations to come.

Tales from the City is (will be) a collection of five short story arcs represented in "comic" form. Each story follows the lives of two young members of the Wings Division: Aspen and Burdock. These siblings were born in a generation that knew nothing of Kahn-Mar, except that it was a "filthy human world". All that they have matured and developed around was Eudaimonia and their inherited callings in the Wings Division. These stories represent their pride, their trials, and their paradignms (and more importantly, their paradigm shifts) as they experience life both within and out of the city.