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So...what's Tales from the City all about, you ask? The idea, the goings on...maybe you're confused and don't understand everything.

Tales from the City is related to a novel called Gryphon Song. I can't exactly tell you what the story/project is about yet (it would spoil too much), but I will say this: Gryphon Song takes place in Kahn-Mar, the "human world" below Eudaimonia (where TFTC's setting is), and they both take place in the same time period.

What my idea with TFTC is to give the reader(s) an idea of what the city of Eudaimonia was like during its 200 year settlement in the sky. I chose Aspen and Burdock because they are also characters in Gryphon Song (minor characters, but characters nonetheless), thus forming a tighter connection between the story and the comic.

If you want to know more about Eudaimonia and the Gryphonese, I'm working on a short essay series describing them. It can be found here.

About Me: 'Sup peeps? My name is Ami Kriho and I am the author/artist of this comic and the world revolving around it. I'm a recent college grad with a major in Food Systems & Technology and a minor in chemistry. I am currently serving an internship for food preperation/styling over at Reiman Publications. I'm a self-taught artist and obviously I like to write and draw in my spare time. :) My favorite food is crawfish etouffe and my favorite colors are purple and silver. I like New Age/Celtic music, but also classic rock like Queen. I also love video games, with my favorite genres being RPGs and puzzle games. Weeeee!!