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Age: 29

Height: 6'2"

Profession: Swordsman

Rank: Remige

Romaine is the Remige (i.e, highest authority) of the Wings Division, Swordsmanship Sanction. Though she isn't often directly involved with Aspen or Burdock's professions, her family is a good friend of their family and cares for their well-being. She trusts them and confides in their abilities, and never expects second best from them (or anyone).
She has a demanding posture and authoritative voice, allowing her to command respect with little effort. She is wise and experienced, helpful but at the same time iron-fisted and not easily fooled by acting. These skills, coupled with her inborn charisma, makes her a great leader.
Currently, her father is the Gate Guardian who protects the entranceway to Eudaimonia on Kahn-Mar. Whether or not she will become the next is yet to be decided. She is also the oldest of seven children (three sisters, three brothers).