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Age: 29

Height: 6'3"

Profession: Calvary

Rank: Remige

Strict and uptight, Oni Gurumi won't hesitate to use discipline on his students. While he may seem harsh and cold at times, it's no surprise that his students are among the best cavaliers Eudaimonia has ever had.
Oni is only a temporary Remige, meaning that Aspen, the true heir to the calvary, will take his place when she is old and skilled enough. In response, he pays particular attention to her to make sure she will be ready to handle the responsibility. As a result, he is harsher with her than anyone else.
Oni is the first in his family to join the Flight/Wings. His family has served the army in previous generations by breeding the most powerful Wyllions (magical horses) in the city. Freeman, Aspen's Wyllion, was born and raised on his family's ranch.