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Age: 18

Height: 5'8"

Profession: Arcanist

Rank: Alula

Burdock is poised, intelligent, and charmingly shy...except around his sister Aspen, to whom he holds nothing back to be an annoying little brother. Generally, however, he has a gentle sense of humor and is charitable towards others, making him a friendly extrovert and caring gentleman. His thinking is quick but careful, and he has an insightful intuition about how to deal with any situation to conclude the most desirable of results. However, don't confuse his polite society for weakness; when it comes down to a fight of the arcane type, it would be difficult to find one that surpasses Burdock.
Unlike previous generations of his family, Burdock never had much of a passion for calvary (perhaps this is due to the fact he was bitten by a Wyllion when he was a child), and would rather devote his mind to encompass the power of magic. It is said he gets his interest in magic from his mother, Sonja, a mage outside of the Wings Division, and his most trusted teacher. Though he has strayed away from his family's heritage through this, he remains loyal to the Wings Division.