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Age: 21

Height: 6'0"

Profession: Calvary

Rank: Tertiary

Aspen is a loud, rambunctious fighter with a stout heart and a carefree attitude. She enjoys a good fight, and is quick to accept any challenge that crosses her path. She's sharp-minded and witty, but at times her quick judgments interfere with her decisions, making her brash and impatient. This fault will sometimes make her problems worse than they already are. Although prideful in her abilities, she at times will go to far and bite off more than she can chew.
Although a master of many weapons, she wanted to remain true to her family's specialized heritage and focused her skills with the SpearAxe, the weapon used for the Wings Division Calvary. Thanks to her father, Verain, and her Wyllion, Freeman, she has become a promising member of this sanction. If she ever manages to humble herself a bit, she could mature into one of the best calvary fighters Eudaimonia has ever seen, which would set herself a promising spot as a Remige.