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 Tales from the City Update: 07-09-06

 Updates Sundays or Mondays

Yes there IS an update today.

I've been thinking about this comic recently...about its presentation more specifically. I really have much more time/room to write than I do to draw right now, and I'm thinking about doing a "storybook" format for the remaining four tales. Basically it would be writing out the story with a picture to accompany each page. I'm not sure if this would still qualify it for a "comic", persay, but it's what I'm strongly considering. This way I'll also be able to concentrate a bit more on one "really good" picture rather than 3-5 "mediocre" ones squished into one comic. I think it'll move the story a bit faster as well.

As for this tale, I'm thinking it will end at about 100-115 pages. We'll see...


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